Outreach Resources

This page is for school nutrition departments and community sponsors. Included are resources and suggestions to help promote your curbside programs.

TDA Resources

TDA has created promotional materials free to use. Included are social media post, zoom backgrounds, webinars to help with promotional ideas, and more!

No Kid Hungry Resources

No Kid Hungry has created a toolkit includes social media images, sample social media posts, flyers, robocall scripts and a customizable letter to families. It includes a variety of both ready to use and customizable assets— available in both English and Spanish— to use on your digital channels and to print and share with families.

CACFP Resources

NKH has created a google document with 6 weeks of virtual resources for the educational competent for CACFP. Follow the link to see the whole list.

No Kid Hungry’s Cooking Matters team has shared a Kids Activity Bank which includes crossword puzzles, word searches, matching games, and a few simple recipes that can be shared as a CACFP handout.

Partners for Breakfast in the classroom

New to breakfast in the classroom or need some ideas to improve implementation of alternative breakfast models? The Partners for BIC developed resources and tools to provide guidance for everything from menus to student activities to make your program a success.

School Meal Service Solutions

Dairy MAX created a new web page for School Meal Service Solutions to streamline support options. Our resources and tools, along with those from trusted partners, are all designed to support the continuation and expansion of your operations through shared expertise, program marketing, and funding opportunities.

Helpful tips to improve curbside participation

Below is a quick list of best practices and ideas school districts have found improved their curbside meal participation:

  • Increasing the number of meals provided at one pick up time: Many school districts have found luck decrease the number of days serving curbside meals to increase participation. Many parents don’t have time to come to school everyday to pick up meals. Consider switching from serving Monday – Friday to Monday pickup or a Tuesday/Thursday pickup for example. This will decrease the number of days your staff has to sit curbside as well as be more effective for parents time.
  • Change the times of meal service: School nutrition departments have reported that changing meal serving times from earlier in the day (i.e. 10:30 am – 12:00 pm) to after work hours (i.e. 5:00 pm -7:00 pm) allows more families with working parents to participate in curbside meal pick up.
  • Working with your school communication program: We recognize that all schools might not have a communication team, but find out who is in charge of the school facebook, or email blast. School districts are the most trusted source of information for many families.
    • Are curbside meals featured on the schools districts home webpage?
    • Can the times and locations for curbside meals can be pinned to the top of the facebook feed?
    • Can you do robo calls or robo text to parents?
    • Are there any newsletters schools put out that your information can be included on?
    • Try to work with the parent/teacher associations, do they have suggestions on reaching out to families
    • Get the teachers on your side! Can you give information to teachers who are teaching virtually? TDA has powerpoint background that teachers could put up durning virtual learning. This would get the curbside detail directly to the virtual families
  • Make sure the information is easy to find: Many families may not be familiar with computers or searching for information. How easy is it to find meal site information? Always make sure when you post any information about changes in meal sites you include all locations and times in every post. Parents are not going to hunt for the information so make sure they can’t help but to be aware of it.
  • Showing off your sanitation practices: The COVID-19 pandemic has made many parents nervous for their kids to eat outside of their home. Make videos showing how food is safely prepared to put on social media. School districts reported this has helped ease parents worries around the safety of the food.

Thank You to Our Nutrition Department Teams!

You all have worked and continue to work incredibly hard to feed Houston’s children. None of this would be possible without you.

Have something that has worked to increase your participation rates? Share it with us!

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